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Bringing big data to

small wineries

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-  Personalized data analytics & custom software  -

-  Free for the Lake Michigan Shore AVA  -


👨🏻‍💻 My services

Through fincuva, I leverage my experience as a Data Product Manager and WSET Diploma graduate to help small wineries institute lasting data-driven business habits.



Small, family run wineries are often limited by staff and labor hours, meaning the day-to-day focus should be in the vineyard, cellar, or tasting room. If you haven't had the time to even explore what data you own or how to access it, I can help.


Analysis & Strategy

Once everything is organized, we will work together to understand what the data is telling you about your business. This may involve web optimization, predictive analytics, creating visualizations for your investors, or training your staff on using data for everyday decision making.

Obtaining a Yield

Every winery has access to customer, viticulture, and enology data. And every winery can buy wine analytics software. But still, it's common to struggle to convert data dashboards and reports into future business value. Let's work together to turn your data into decisions.

🤝 Let's get to work

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Veraison. Contact me with the hourly rate you can afford, where your data resides (WineDirect, Vin65, etc), and your goals.

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Crush. Book a 1-hour call to see if I can help. No cost or strings attached - if you have no clue what data analytics is, this can be a free intro!

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Fermentation. We'll follow up as necessary, with no charge to you until I have all the accesses I need and we have a strategy in place.

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Bottling. Your data has become something new. Marketing insight, an intern team that can leverage InnoVint, and a new club strategy.

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Mike Rodden


Satellite Engineering

& Data Management


Wine, Food & Responsible Agriculture

I am passionate about wine and love seeing new producers challenge traditional taste by planting in more sustainable regions and using hybrid & native grapes. These producers often face marketing and sales challenges that places like Bordeaux and Napa do not; I believe embracing tech and analytics is a way to start closing that gap.

Who Am I?



Thank you for reaching out, I will be in contact soon!

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